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You may find your answer in our Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions, so check these first:
  1. What exactly is Aura Online?
  2. Why should I use Aura Online?
  3. How can I start using Aura Online?
  4. Can I use multiple branches in one catalogue?
  5. What are the system requirements for Aura Online?
  6. How does Aura Online Search work?
  7. What kind of support can I expect?
  8. How can I migrate from my current library software to Aura Online?
  9. What does Aura Online cost?
  10. What kind of Service Level Agreement (SLA) does Aura Software provide?

1. What is Aura Online

Aura Online is an online library package for managing and lending out all types of media and documentation. It includes an online catalog, online loan administration, and a lot of other features.

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2. Why Aura Online

You get more from your valuable library collection:

  • Professional, yet easy to use
  • Complete software package for your library
  • Clear and friendly user interface
  • Manage your catalog 24/7, from anywhere
  • Accurate administration of borrowed items
  • Visitors of your library can quickly find the information they are looking for
  • Convenient: launch your favorite browser, log on and start working
  • No system administration: we take care of updates and backups
  • Secure: you decide which users can access certain features
  • Daily backup of your data, on 3 different locations for added security
  • Affordable: Aura Online is available from only 25 euro per month
  • Excellent, dedicated helpdesk
  • Proven technology: more than 1,400 customers (tens of thousands of users) are using Aura Software

Try Aura Online on our demo site.

Aura Online: where are our data?
The databases of Aura Online reside on our protected web servers. Our server cluster is managed by a first class specialized company.

Do you backup our database?
Of course! All Aura Online websites and databases are backed up daily. These backups are saved at 3 different locations, each day of the month is saved separately, and we even keep backups from the first of every month during one year.

Can we continue to use our barcode scanner in Aura Online?
Barcode scanners that you ordered from us will certainly work with Aura Online. But all barcode scanners can work with Aura Online. Log in at our demo site, create a new title with your own barcode data, create a barcode label and check if your scanner can read the barcode. If not, please contact us for advice.

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3. Getting started with Aura Online

What does our system administration need to do before we can switch to Aura Online?

  • Send the files of your current library software to us by www.wetransfer.com
  • We will convert your database into Aura Online format
  • You will receive the URL of your Aura Online site upon delivery
  • Create a link to Aura Online Search on the site of your school/company/organization

We decided to switch to Aura Online. What’s our next action?
On the demo site of Aura Online you can try out Aura Online. If you have ordered Aura Online you can use our special test site for customers who ordered Aura Online. Here you have access to features that are still blocked on the demo site. You can become familiar with all features of Aura Online. If you have questions, feel free to send an e-mail to our helpdesk.
Once Aura Online is delivered you will need to perform a few more actions (such as preferred settings and creating reports). We recommend that you reserve four hours after the delivery of Aura Online to fully setup your site.

How long will we be unable to work in the library?
To set up your Aura Online website and convert your database, we need one or two days.

Our catalogue contains several errors. Do we first have to correct these before Aura converts our database?
No, that is not necessary. Of course we do not change your data, but in Aura Online you can easily correct these errors after the conversion.

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4. Multiple branches in one catalogue

Is Aura Online suitable for a library with multiple branches?
Certainly. A library with multiple branches may choose to work with a shared catalogue and borrowing administration. Which choice is the best for your library depends on several factors. See Possibilities of Aura Online with multiple branches in one catalogue for more details.

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5. System requirements

What are the system requirements for Aura Online?
For Aura Online you will need a PC, Mac, laptop or chromebook with a fast and reliable Internet connection. We recommend broadband internet e.g. DSL, cable or glass fiber with at least 5 Mbps.
Aura Online supports the following browsers:
- Internet Explorer version 8 and up
- FireFox version 19 and up
- Google Chrome version 25 and up
- Safari version 5 and up

  • Online Aura is optimized for screen resolutions of 1280 * 1024 and higher.
  • You need Adobe Flash Player 11 or higher for the Report Designer.
  • Adobe Reader is needed to view exported PDF files.

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6. Aura Online Search

Do visitors of Aura Online Search have to log on before they can search?
No, but optionally you can require logon. The majority of our clients choose to allow visitors to search without login.

However, identification is required when a visitor wants to reserve or renew online, or to request their borrowing information or to write reviews.

Visitors are able to renew online. Can I disable this function?
Yes, of course. You can also configure that visitors of the site can only renew items when they are not overdue. In the borrowing criteria you define how many times a title can be renewed (online by the user or by your library staff).

Visitors of Aura Online Search can reserve online. Can I disable this function?
Yes. You can even configure that visitors on the site are only allowed to reserve items that are checked out.

Visitors can write reviews online. Can I moderate these reviews?
Yes, that’s possible. At AURA CATALOG | FILE MANAGEMENT | REVIEWS you can read all reviews, modify them or even delete them. You can sort the reviews by creation date, so you can easily see where you left off. You can also disable the option to write reviews entirely.

Visitors have to create an account before they can log in. How does this work?
When visitors of your Aura Online Search site want to log in on the site (for example to renew or to make a reservation) they are required to create an account first. They will need to enter their ID card number and last name as they are listed in your records (at AURA BORROWING ADMINISTRATION | FILE MANAGEMENT). This way you can be sure that only people of your own organization can create an account on the Aura Online Search site.

They also need to enter a user name, password and e-mail address. The e-mail address is used to send the login information in case the borrower forgets these identification credentials.
Aura Software can automatically create an account for all borrowers, using the data in the borrower’s table. Please contact our helpdesk if you prefer this method.

What if visitors forget their password?
The login page provides a button Forgot your password? The user has to enter his e-mail address and the login data will be sent this e-mail address.

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7. Support

Does Aura Software offer helpdesk support?
You can ask any question about Aura Online to our fanatic support desk. This service is included in the subscription. If you encounter a problem while using Aura software you can always rely on our helpdesk. Our staff will be happy to assist you. Just send us an e-mail and we will find a solution for your problem as quickly as possible.
E-mail: helpdesk@aura.nl (24 hours)

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8. Migration Service

Can our current library software be converted to Aura Online?
Yes, that’s possible. You don’t have to re-enter all your data from your current catalogue. In the past 22 years Aura Software has performed more than 1000 conversions from all kind of library software systems to Aura Online. Feel free to send us your files containing all the catalogue data. You will receive a quote regarding the conversion costs. Even if you can not create this file with your program, we can usually arrange a conversion for you. You can save a lot of precious time. Please contact us for additional information.

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9. Costs

What does Aura Online cost?

  • Aura Online is available as a subscription.
  • A subscription to Aura Online entitles you to one Web address (URL) with Aura Online and your data. If you would like, you can accommodate the collections of multiple libraries in one shared catalog and one shared borrowing administration of Aura Online on the same web address.
  • Subscription price is related to the size of your collection.
  • Subscription costs for educational institutes are lower than for companies and other non-educational organizations.
  • After the first year’s subscription, the subscription can be cancelled quarterly.
  • Aura Online is available from € 25 per month for a subscription to 3,000 copies.
  • See our price list for the subscription fees and the one-time startup fee of Aura Online.

The Aura Online price list shows a price per month.

Do we receive an invoice every month?
No, the subscription to Aura Online is billed annually. After the first year you will receive an invoice for the renewal of the subscription for one year. If you cancel the subscription you will receive a refund for the amount overpaid minus administration costs.

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10. Service Level Agreement

Which SLA applies to Aura Online?
Download the SLA for Aura Online

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