Automated loan service

We love efficiency. Borrowing, returning, renewing, reserving and handling overdue fines. Aura Online lets it all become simple and automated.

The librarian can manage all borrower data, including a photo album. You can view usage statistics, check out the lost books inventory and even design your own letters, mail templates, library cards and reports.

Borrow & Return

Borrowers can borrow and return items fast. With Aura Online you can handle these actions within seconds.

Photo album of all your borrowers

Know who your borrowers are! View detailed information and add a picture.

Design letters, library cards, reports

Letters, e-mail templates, library cards and reports. Aura Online makes it easy to design your own layout.

But wait, there's more...

Usage Statistics

Want to see how the library is used? Take a look at the statistics.

Notifications & Reminders

Your borrowers receive e-mails about available reservations or when they need to be reminded.

Detailed Borrower Info

Detailed borrower information is immediately available.

Lost Books Inventory

Scan your collection and quickly find out which books are missing.

Flexible lending periods

Lending periods and other criteria can be defined flexibly, even per category of users.

With or without barcodes

You can use barcodes for fast and easy handling.
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